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Facebook Account Suspended? How to Recover it!!

This post is all about how to recover suspended Facebook account back, so read this post thoroughly.
Are you facing the issue of my Facebook account is suspended? Over the past few years, illegal activities and hacking attempts are noticed a lot, so, Facebook has tightened its security to this extent and suspended the account that may notice some suspicious activity. If you are the right person and have not indulged in any illegal activity, then you will be able to recover your suspended account. Here we will discuss How to recover my Facebook account.

Why is My Facebook Account Restricted?

Facebook may suspend your accounts for several reasons. Let’s find out the possible cause of why is my Facebook account suspended.
1. Maybe you have used the fake identity
2. You have logged in from another location
3. If someone has reported your Facebook Account.
4. Suspicious login attempts may be done by your account.
5. Maybe you have posted an offensive post.

How to Recover my Facebook Account

There may be any reason for suspension of a Facebook account, generally, it is suspended for a few hours or for a day, after being verified by Facebook you may be able to activate your account after a day. But if you are unable to do that, here are some possible ways to recover your suspended Facebook Account.
1. You need to verify your identity.
2. Submit an appeal to Facebook for activating your account.
3. You need to recognize your friend's photo on Facebook.
4. Answer your security question.
5. Your trusted contact may help you in recovering your Facebook account suspended.
These aforementioned ways may take you out of my facebook account is suspended issue.

Final Words

If all the aforementioned method is not working, then you can try to email the Facebook help center. You may recover your suspended account within 24 hours by verifying your identity. You have 90 days time to verify your identity, if you have done within the date, then maybe your suspended account gets recovered, otherwise, the possibilities are your Facebook account has been suspended forever.
Apart from this, many people are seeking help regarding their hacked facebook accounts, so if you are one of them, then you can visit our full-fledged guide to recover your hacked account.
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